“Happy And Blessed Birthday Jesus”

How Will You Celebrate This All Important Date?


 On this blessed day of December 25, 2017 that has been set aside to celebrate Christmas, as many of us as Born Again Believers gather from near and far to spend time with family, friends, associates, acquaintances, etc..., let us be sure to give honor where honor is due.  Let us not forget the One Who’s Birthday that we should be celebrating.  Yes it is on this day especially that we should celebrate Jesus’s Amazing Birth here on Earth.  In doing so, we should Recognize Jesus, Rejoice about Jesus, never Reject Jesus, and Relay the right meaning and message about Jesus and His Birth

When one has a birthday, they are usually the one who is Recognized and Receives the attention.  In Recognizing Jesus, who would dare to leave Him out on the day that has been set aside to Recognize Him for His Birthday here on Earth.  Despite how man has come to commercialize Christmas, Jesus should rightfully so, Receive the Recognition.  The truth is, without Christ there would be no Christmas.

Also, we as Born Again Believers should be Rejoicing about Jesus on His Birthday here on Earth.  Really and truly, we should not be sad, gloomy, and blue.  If we find ourselves in such predicaments, it’s a great possibility that our focus is not where it should be on this day.  To know what it meant and entailed for Him to come into the world for us should find us with an Attitude of great Gratitude.  As I mentioned in my sermon on yesterday, it’s not about the gifts but it about the Perfect and Greatest Gift, Jesus Christ.

Then too, we should never find ourselves Rejecting Jesus.  The world tries to X Him out by saying Merry Xmas.  As Christians we know that this is not right.  So it is on this Christmas Day, let us not be ashamed of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Let us not stray away to the point that we do like the world and Reject Jesus Christ.  Believe me when I say, He will get the last laugh.  If we Reject and be ashamed of Him now, He will Reject and be ashamed of us later (Luke 9:26).         

Finally, let us unashamedly Relay the right meaning and message about Jesus and His Birth.  Just as the shepherds shared the word abroad about the Birth of Jesus, we should do likewise.   We should be in the business of telling people about Jesus and the True meaning and message of His Birth.   Somebody needs to hear the true meaning and message.  Will you be one of the ones who will tell the story?  In closing, I ask the important question again, “How Will You Celebrate This All Important Date?”  Let us forever keep Christ in Christmas.


Saved To Serve

Dr. Quintin P. Woods, Sr. 

Pastor/Visionary Undershepherd