Laymen Ministry

The Mission of the Laymen Ministry is to take whatever action necessary, and effective, to strengthen the church and strengthen the brotherhood relationships in the church, in the community and in economic and social programs.

The purpose of the Laymen Ministry:

  • To enlist members of the church, especially the men, to take an active role in providing Christian Service to the church
  • To cooperate and work with the Pastor, Officers, Trustees and other Auxiliaries/Ministries of the church in developing and stimulating the work of the       church
  • To help keep the members aware of their duties and obligations as members of the church
  • To assist and promote the development of the male youth here at the church and in the community
  • To take on a vital role and an active concern in community welfare and betterment
  • To promote a Christian Relationship with the other local church families of the community