Higher Education Commission Ministry

The MMMBC HECM Mission is to encourage and emphasize higher or vocational education or military service as a pathway to career, social change and positive citizenship of secondary educational level students (grades 9 – 12) through empowerment to achieve personal academic and career goals.  Through partnerships with educational institutions and career resources, students gain access to broad educational, career and community resources through workshops, college tours and mentor and student relationships.

Our purpose:

To be the arm of MMMBC responsible for exciting/encouraging its young members to finish high school and to continue an educational pursuit beyond high school

To provide activities that help with the development of the mindset of our young members toward and in maintaining focus on pursuing the higher education of their choosing

To increase the head count of our young church members desiring to continue their educational pursuits

Create an avenue or conduit whereby the more fortunate can give back to the community by being of assistance in steering and leading our young members toward obtaining a higher education

Assist the HE aspirant in seeking financial aid

To continue promoting the concept of spirituality in the young minds