Deacon Ministry

Deacon Moses L. Harvin, Chairman

The Deacons are to support the Pastor with his duties and responsibilities assigned.

  • Pray for and be supportive of the Pastor, Pastoral Staff and Deacon Ministry
  • Attend Sunday mornings Worship Services and Tuesday's Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
  • Actively serve in one or more ministries within the life of the church
  • Participate in all scheduled Deacon Ministry activities, unless providentially hindered
  • Conduct visitation of its Tribe members to include the sick and the shut in
  • Assist in preparing and serving the Lord's Supper as scheduled
  • Minister to his assigned members and submit monthly reports of this ministry
  • Practice personal evangelism of the lost as opportunities arise
  • Attend beneficial training sessions as possible


Qualifications to become a Deacons

  • Full of the Holy Spirit
  • Full of Wisdom
  • Full of Faith
  • Has a good reputation
  • Faces life seriously
  • Not double-tongued
  • Not a greedy person
  • Has a deep Biblical commitment
  • Must first be tested and proven
  • Be beyond reproach and blameless
  • Wife should be temperate and faithful in everything
  • He should be the husband of one wife
  • He must manage his children and his house hold well
  • He must recognize God-given spiritual leadership
  • He should do all he can to create and preserve unity and harmony in the church